Outdoor Concerts at Old Rock House… We transform our property in to a great outdoor concert space, with the downtown skyline as the backdrop! (check out the pictures below)

ORH Outdoor Pavilion FAQ’s

How do I get to the venue?

ORH Outdoor Pavilion, is in the parking lot next to Old Rock House, the entrance will be along 7th Street, just South of the usual venue entrance.

Old Rock House
1200 S. 7th Street
St. Louis, MO 63104

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Where can I park?


Where can I eat?

We will have a food tent set up outside, with some delicious grilled & BBQ treats!

Where can I sleep?

Please refer to our Hotels Nearby Page Here


The following items or activities are never allowed at ORH Outdoor Pavilion:

    • No Outside Food or Drinks. This includes bottled water.
    • No Pets
    • No Coolers
    • No Umbrellas
    • No Hoops
    • No Weapons
    • No Laser Pointers
    • No Professional Cameras or Professional Video Recording
    • No Underage Drinking
    • No Vending
    • No Ticket Scalping
    • NO RE-ENTRY. Once you enter the venue, you’re in for the night.

Bags and purses are allowed into the venue, but are subject to a security search.

Small, point-and-shoot cameras are usually, but not always, allowed. All recording policies (cameras, video taping, and audio taping) are ultimately determined by the band.

Do I need to bring a photo ID to drink?

Yes. This policy is strictly enforced. No ID = No Drinking Privileges, regardless of your age.

Wristbands for drinking are available at a separate station, be sure to get one before you go to the bar!

The Concert Experience

ORH Outdoor Pavilion is 100% General Admission

What if it rains during a concert? What if it is crazy hot outside?

ORH Outdoor Pavilion is an outdoor venue, and all concerts are Rain or Shine. This includes everything from Drizzling & Raining to 100 Degrees & Sunny. The show will go on, and please understand that we may have to adjust music times to let the weather pass. Bring a poncho and come prepared if it calls for rain; re-entry is only allowed during severe weather, if we have to evacuate the area.

Your safety is our number one concern: we reserve the right to limit or cancel music during inclement weather.

What is your lawn chair policy?

Lawn chairs and blankets are allowed at many, but not all of our concerts. For some concerts, there will be a “No Chair Zone” in front of the stage.

What time are doors? When does music start?

All door times, music times, opening acts vary by show. It is best to visit the calendar for info.

In a nutshell: this is an outdoor venue.
There is no re-entry, so come prepared for the entire evening.
Check local weather conditions.
We now accept Credit Cards at our Bars, but we won’t be mad if you use CASH! And we will still have an ATM available.