Attention, maestros of the mustache and beserkers of the beard!

On March 24th bring your A-game to the most intense beard battle between the Missouri and mighty Mississippi rivers. There is a place for one and all amongst the categories of bearded competition. From a Grizzly Adams, to a Sam Elliott, or even one of our bearded ladies the Whiskerinas! 

The St. Louis Beard and Mustache Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and will use the money raised to benefit The Covering House, a local non-profit organization providing shelter and rehabilitation for underage victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

If you or your organization are interested in donating, sponsoring, or vending at our event; please email the club at:

Save the date!
WHISKEYFINGER will be playing!
Hotel information coming soon!

Categories in order of appearance:
Natural Mustache – no beard
Partial Beard Natural
Whaler – no stache
Business Beard
Full Beard Natural under 6″ – natural stache
Full Beard Natural under 12″ (over 6″) – natural stache
Full Beard Natural over 12″ – natural stache
Whiskerina Fake Beard Most Natural
Whiskerina Fake Mustache
Styled Mustache – no beard
Full Beard under 6″ – styled stache
Full Beard Natural under 12″ (over 6″) – styled stache
Full Beard Natural over 12″ – styled stache
Whiskerina Fake Beard Most Creative
Freestyle – full and partial beards

*Natural = no styling aids allowed
*Whiskerina’s must have beard/stache attached – may not be held on face by hand – should be worn throughout the competition!

Remember, when measuring your beard it’s:
All beards will be measured at check-in!


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