We Country Soul Revue

Presented by Urban Chestnut Brewing Company 

Our growing Soul Rhythm & Blues band family, Al Holliday and The East Side Rhythm Band, makes our home in beautiful St. Louis City, but just like you – deep down inside:


The band is teaming up with the one and only Country songwriting burners, the real thing if you don’t know, Old Capital for a somewhat unlikely pairing that actually makes perfect sense for those familiar with the bands – or as the legendary Jamey Almond puts it, “both bands are SOUL FOOD for your EARS”

Of course, we will be doing our own natural, respective things aplenty, playing new music, and throwing it down, but for one night only we gon’ add a healthy amount of what we do to each other’s music and team up to throw it down for real!! Those a you that wanted to hear a little pedal steel and a little twang with your Mississippi River *Ride or Die* Soul Rhythm & Blues, baby don’t sleep on dis!!!


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