Of all the people doing their thing in 2017, no one has been bringing the original “Ride or Die St. Louis Soul Rhythm & Blues” as hot as the ten young-blooded men and women that are Al Holliday & The East Side Rhythm Band.
The day after Thanksgiving, the group will be playing a very special two-set engagement at Old Rock House for your “listening, dancing, and reminiscing pleasure”, featuring the band doing their own natural thing, including that hot new Al Holliday & The East Side Rhythm Band music, deep selections, and some choice cuts from the band’s 2017 performing and recording projects, the All St. Louis Soul Revue, and WE COUNTRY, as well as a couple surprise guest artists.
All your family will be in town, so go ahead and bring them down, give them a taste of St. Louis music, and even better you won’t even need to have to talk to ’em if you don’t want to.


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