These days David Cook, the talented rocker with the fiery vocals and searing songwriting skills, has entered an exciting new chapter marked by a newfound creative freedom and the maturity that comes with having a lot of life thrown at you. In the wake of Idol, Cook endured an emotional rollercoaster marked by career highs mixed with the devastating personal tragedy of losing his beloved brother Adam to brain cancer. He toured relentlessly and released his second RCA Records album, This Loud Morning, but when the dust settled, he found himself craving a major change. He discovered what he was looking for in Nashville’s songwriting community and relocated to Music City in June 2012.

“The last year has been spent getting acclimated to Nashville, getting into writing circles here, writing for other artists and trying to find time to work on my project.” The result is an impressive new collection of tunes teeming with a restless creative spirit yet anchored by an emotional gravitas that is compelling.

Cook’s latest project is his 11th album and he’s enjoying this new season. “If every record is a tight rope walk, this one doesn’t have a safety net,” he says with a grin. “I’m excited about it because if you’re not willing to take the bumps and bruises that come along with maybe falling on your ass every once in a while, then you don’t really deserve the rewards that come along with it on the other end. I’m enjoying the gamble. This is what it is. I’m throwing it out there. Hopefully people will love it and want to come along for the ride and have as much fun as we’re having.”




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Katie koelling

Can you get tickets at the door or would it best to pre order. Thank

We would recommend getting them in advance.

Is briar rabbit opening for David cook?

Yes he is

Could anyone tell me what time VIP ticket holders should be there? Also, what hotels are close to this venue?

We don’t have the time confirmed, but it will be before doors open.

When buying the general admissions $20 tickets, does that mean no upfront seating is available? Is the upstairs GA (first-come, first-served)?

$20 is the only ticket for the actual show. The show is all general admission. All seats will be first come first serve.

How will the VIP ticket holders find out what time we should be there?

Usually venue emails VIP info if you ordered tickets on line. Not sure this time whether VIP inc soundcheck, but if so be thinking EARLY! Like 5 or so- there has to be time for opener to do Soundcheck, prob during meet & greet w David, & be done before doors open at 7. David’s website has Community discussion thread for each show. If I get VIP time info I’ll post it there.

Abt hotels- this is VERY close to middle of downtown /arch- any downtown hotel is close. In 2013 parking at venue was good and so was their bar food!

Jaime Meier

I was wondering the same thing as Shelby.

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