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The Devon Allman Project is a six piece band featuring two percussionists, John Lum & R. Scott Bryan (Sheryl Crow), bassist Justin Corgan, guitarist Jackson Stokes and a Hammond B3 player, Nicholas David. The club/theater shows feature a 30 minute opening set with Duane Betts using his go to guitar player, John Satchela Jr., and Devon’s rhythm section. After a 15 minute break the Devon Allman Project plays a one hour set which will includes songs from Honeytribe, Royal Southern Brotherhood, The Devon Allman Band and a few covers. The night culminates with a 30 minute plus encore featuring all eight musicians playing Allman Brothers tunes and other classics. Festival dates are a straight 90 minute set.




Mike demunbrun

Hello I normally arrive 11/2 hr early to get a up front seat, recently a friend of mine said all those tables are now reserved for certain dollar amounts, is this true ? If so would it apply to the Aug 10 Devon Almond show?

Hello, I’m not sure exactly what seats you’re referring to, but there will be no reserved seats for this show.

Tammy Behlmann

Hi if someone can’t use there ticket for the Devon Allman show let me know I will buy it from you , I swore I bought a ticket for this but I can’t find it!!!!? thank you

If anyone has any tickets to sell I could use 2 please. I was slow on getting tickets and lost out. Thanks

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