with Les Gruff and the Billy Goat

Spitting stories of love, loss and pain, Nashville’s Great Peacock – comprised of lead singer and guitarist Andrew Nelson, guitarist Blount Floyd, drummer Nick Recio and bass player Frank Keith IV – challenge the very notion of genre, dismantling tradition and blurring the lines between rock ‘n roll, conventional folk music and true Americana. Having earned praise from Paste, the Nashville Scene, American Songwriter, No Depression, Relix and PopMatters, the band ignites a kind of unapologetic spark. As fixtures on the Southern festival circuit including Shakey Knees, they’ve shared stages with an abundance of equally-minded noise-makers, including Susto, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Cage the Elephant, American Aquarium, Margo Price and Jonathan Tyler.



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Steve Miller

Hey, for the masses that missed this show last night….you missed seeing an amazing performance. There were literally less than 10 people in the audience, but it didn’t matter. Great Peacock performed like it was a packed house and delivered an incredible performance. These guys are amazing and deserve support. If you didn’t make the show, and odds are if you’re reading this and weren’t among the 10 of us there you did, give them a listen. Download some of their stuff, and by all means, reach out and encourage these guys to come back to St. Louis to play a festival and get the exposure that they deserve. Thanks Rock House for hosting!

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