Join us for a 20th Anniversary celebration of Keller’s album “Laugh” …he’s bringing the original musicians from the album, Tye North (Leftover Salmon) and Dave Watts (The Motet) along for the ride!
Word from Keller:
“It’s been 20 years since my album, Laugh, came out and I think that calls for a celebration!
Join me, Tye North and Dave Watts as we play Laugh in it’s entirely and attempt to recreate the studio magic live. Obviously in the last 20 years, we have all found ways to extend and stretch out the good times. So more than likely, a four and a half minute song in the record, just quite possibly, for certain, could go to about 11 minutes. So, it will be recreating the studio experience yet enhanced. Please enjoy responsibly.”  -Kw
Listen to Laugh here:

Order 20th Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl:


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