ORH Outdoor Pavilion

“World’s Largest Paint Party”

Featuring: Zeds Dead, Cash Cash, Basscrooks

The first half of the 2014 year has proven to be our best yet! With over 20 sold out shows, venturing into new international markets like Seoul South Korea and Asuncion Paraguay, Life in Color has truly taken the world by storm! We are BACK and ready to UNLEASH Phase 2 of our 2014 tour…our biggest lineup to date!

“The Unleash Tour has been such an epic tour for us! We started the year off with a bang, and we are that much more excited for phase 2. We are painting over 40 cities worldwide, showing our fans all around the world how to UNLEASH! We love our fans, and couldn’t do this without them. We want you to come to Life in Color, be yourself… and UNLEASH with us,” says LIC Co-founder, Lukasz Tracz.

Phase 2 will also include the annual LIC Miami Festival that will come to South Florida in December. In its 2013 debut at the Sun Life Stadium, the show had over 25,000 fans going hard in the paint with 3 stages and over 40 artists. This year the LIC team promises to add more production, artists and give the festival more attractions.






Justin Cirillo

What artists are we expecting to see at LiC st louis on 9/13/2014? 🙂

I’m assuming te ones listed above? Zed’s Dead, Cash Cash & Basscrooks. I just went to LIC Hidalgo where Cash Cash preformed and it was amazing!

wish party favor or bro safari or hard well could come to stl cause would def go

if your over 16, but don’t drive or have a id. Can you still get in?

you will need a birth certificate or state id to prove you are over 16

I seen there is only general admission “tier 2” left. Does this mean youll have to stay on the balcony? or are you allowed on the floor too? thanks

This whole event is General Admission, it will be all one section. Tiers only refer to different ticket prices, not different sections.

So if youre 16 with no license or permit and cant drive, do we just bring a copy of our borth certificate?

a birth certificate will work, yes

Can we bring flow toys ( Hoops)?

What time does Express Entry start entering the venue vs. General Admission?

Express Entry, starts at the same times as Doors open, It is just a short line.

We are not sure.

If we don’t have a id or license can we bring our school Id if it saids I’m in 10th grade 2014-2015?

It has to be a state issued ID

Hoops are not permitted

Wow I’m officially pissed why is this show ending at eleven I wouldn’t have spent 118 dollars on two tickets if I knew that. This is bull shit all the other shows I’ve been too at the old rock house go till 2 sometimes three.

What time is this show over? Somebody mentioned something about 11pm?

Will any tickets be sold at the door??

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