with Not Ur Girlfrenz

*Tickets from 3/24 will be honored for this date*

The Dollyrots began their thrill-packed journey when band founders Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas met in middle school, playing music together for the first time when she asked him to teach her guitar. After graduating with degrees the twosome relocated from Florida to Los Angeles in 2001 and began playing shows and creating a sound that combines the energy of punk rock with the bubblegum hooks of pop. They have since built an incredible and loyal audience and become true punk stalwarts through tireless touring and recording. Through it all, The Dollyrots recording and touring has raged on and the band continues to bring their explosive live show across the globe. Their distinctive brand of punk-pop has landed them in commercials and television shows while their sunny, hooky songs and sweaty hugs have won them a devoted fan base. Along with raising a family, the duo plan to continue to keep the punk-pop flame alive. Their next 7-inch vinyl single “Make Me Hot” is set for release in March 2020.



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