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With accolades including the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year; Song of the Year; Songwriter of the Year and Album of the Year—in some cases multiple times—the Gibson Brothers truly need no introduction in the bluegrass world. Yet even though they’re “bluegrass superstars” (New York Times), there are still plenty of people outside the worlds of bluegrass and acoustic music who are not yet familiar with their music.  For them, In The Ground is the perfect record—just as it is for long-time Gibson Brothers fans, too.  It’s often said that “it all begins with a song.” From the beginning, the Gibsons have been known as “songwriters’ songwriters”—and sure enough, In The Ground is all-original, with only two outside co-songwriters; that alone makes it a stunning achievement.  And while any new Gibson Brothers album would be big news and cause for excitement, the fact that their most recent album, Brotherhood, was a lovingly historical-minded tribute to the brother duet tradition, underlines how much anticipation there’s been for an album of all-new Gibson Brothers originals. 


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