The Matching Shoe was formed in September of 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri. Beginning as a background, small-room acoustic trio, The Matching Shoe’s sound is comprised of Classic Rock ‘N’ Roll, Art Rock, Folk, and Blues, with the band’s material being written largely by Dillon Wilfong (guitar, vocals) and Ben Vennard (keybaords, upright bass, vocals). Many members of The Matching Shoe are multi-instrumentalists and can be seen switching between their instruments during live performances. In August of 2016, The Matching Shoe released their first album ‘Out Thru the Window.’ The album was recorded in Wilfong’s “improvised” home studio. It features Wilfong on lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, and drums, and Vennard on piano, keyboards, upright bass, and backing vocals.



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Always been a fan of The Matching Shoe. Wish we could see them more! Miss hearing the music. Fantastic memories.

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