with Supe Granda of The Ozark Mt. Daredevils & featuring Steve Scorfina on slide guitar 

The REAL MACAWS formed in Nashville,TN around 1994 soon after Terry Jones Rogers and Scott Nienhaus moved there at the urging of their mutual friend Michael Supe Granda of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. They formed The REAL MACAWS to fill time between their respective tours with The Daredevils and the newly formed BYRDS CELEBRATION.  They released their CD “Standing Alone” in 2011 recorded in St. Louis, MO at Music Masters. This band will get you on your feet with their Rockin’ Americana!!! Also featuring Steve Scorfina, formerly of Pavlov’s Dog and REO Speedwagon, on slide guitar. 


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Outstanding group of musicians from the heartland!
A must see at the premiere venue in St Louis The Olde Rockhouse!!!

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