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Please send an email to info@oldrockhouse.com for all booking inquiries.

We absolutely prefer email with a link to your online promotions (ie Bandcamp / Facebook) over physical press kits.


Members of local St. Louis bands are invited to attend any concert at the Old Rock House as our guest. The process is pretty simple. If there is a show you would like to come to, simply send an email to iminthebandman@oldrockhouse.com a minimum of seven days prior to the concert. Include a link to your band’s website or Facebook page and we will put you on the guest list for that show.

What do we hope to get in return? Not much, really. We hope that when you speak of us, you will speak well. We hope you would consider mentioning the concert you will be attending on your personal and/or band Social Media. But mostly, we just hope this makes it a little easier for all of you to continue to grow the vibrant music scene that St. Louis is currently enjoying.