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One: A Tribute to U2 + Kick X: A Tribute to INXS

All Ages
One 410681696423575
Friday, December 22
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
$10 / Day Of : $15
$2 cash surcharge at the door for under 21
U2 fans who want to be a part of the celebration need to experience an evening with ONE. A ONE show is more than just a tribute to U2. A ONE show is a celebration of the powerful music that has made U2 the world's most successful rock band. For well over two decades, the members of ONE have been playing music together, and their desire to bring the passionate music and visual energy of U2 to their devoted fans has earned ONE invitations to venues around the country, from New York City to Michigan's upper peninsula, from the plains of Iowa to Nashville, Tennessee, even to a presidential inauguration in Washington, DC. ONE’s re-creation of seeing U2 live goes well beyond the music to include a cutting edge lighting and video show, and their tireless dedication to being the most authentic tribute to U2 that fans have ever seen has even earned them international praise. The members of ONE pride themselves in providing audiences with a true celebration of the spectacular sights and sounds of U2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LpcMkO7R3Y
KICK is a unique blend of incredibly talented musicians who bring the highest level of musicianship to the audience while showing a true passion for the music of INXS- consistently causing the spontaneous eruption of a dekadance-rock party! Vocalist, guitarist, and singer-songwriter, Cory Massi, has long held a respect and admiration for the late great Michael Hutchence; seeing INXS perform in Philadelphia in 1988 and 1989 served more than a young man’s yearning to scour the beauties in attendance or to drink in the sobering decadence. These were enlightening moments; Michael Hutchence embodied all that a true entertainer strives to be. He was a natural, nearly impossible to become. That caliber of presence either sends your performer-soul to whimpering or it inspires you to soar. Auditioning for Rockstar: INXS, in 2004, was both an honor and a humbling experience for Cory. He fully appreciated the competition but moreso enjoyed the comraderie of his fellow hopefuls. It was clear to him that every person at CBGB's that day wanted to be a part of reviving INXS. Ultimately, as you are probably aware, the role was awarded to JD Fortune, who did a fine job during his tenure as the new front man for the band. The next time you see Cory, you should ask him to tell you the story of meeting Little Steven Van Zandt that afternoon- it’s a funny story and so befitting the end of a great trip; Cory loves to recount the tale and will likely whip out the pictures to illustrate. In July of 2013, while attending an Aerosmith tribute show, Draw the Line, at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, it struck him that there was no reason he couldn't be on that stage in tribute to Michael Hutchence and INXS, an idea he had been tossing around for nearly a decade. Cory had watched the emergence of the tribute scene during that time and after a conversation or two with leading tribute circuit friends, Paul Sinclair of "Get the Led Out" and Rick Murphy of "Hollywood Nights" and the various life-long friends who backed both these great singers, he found himself inspired to bring his idea to fruition. Upon returning home in early September, Cory found himself questioning whether or not he could find the caliber of players he was looking for in the small southern town of Greenville, SC- where the preferred genre of music leans heavily to southern rock, the blues, and country. He ran the idea by his friend and fellow Sweet Crude bandmate, Don Leslie, who was, at first, a bit taken aback. Don is an extremely talented bass player whose tastes and past experience reflect the heavier side of rock-n-roll. It wasn't long before Cory was able to enlist his help in searching for players. And, much to their surprise, it was almost magical the ease with which the band came together. In just 10 short months, Cory found himself on that very stage, at the House of Blues, performing with his band. KICK- The INXS Experience has beautifully managed to capture the spirit of the band in both its sound and live performance. The focus has been on faithfully recreating the music in its most powerful sense, an in-the-pocket bottom end from bass player, Don Leslie and drummer, Johnny Dee; a brilliant combination of piano and synth by Mark Goodnough; the signature guitar tones produced by guitarists, Todd King and Jason Taylor; and the spot-on lead vocals by Cory Massi, all lend to a powerful high energy show that is guaranteed to have the entire venue singing and dancing to every song- all night long! The band hears it, time and time again: "That was such an awesome surprise, I'd almost forgotten how much I love INXS!" "I came thinking I would only know a couple of songs, but I knew every single one- and the words, too." "Cory Massi is Michael Hutchence 2.0, fabulous!" “KICK- The INXS Experience will take you back. It will reignite your passion for INXS. It will introduce you to music that is still as fresh today as the day it was written; Original Sin to Elegantly Wasted and everything in between!” So, slide over here... and give me a moment.