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Old Rock House Presents:

Voodoo Mama Fest III ft. Emily Wallace, Zel, Laka Soul & More

Ages 18 and up
Saturday, August 31
Doors: 6pm // Show: 7pm
$20 to $25 / Day Of : $30
$2 cash surcharge at the door for under 21
MoonShroom is the star crossed culmination of dreams and songs from two free spirited artists. Liberated expression & genuine songwriting is at the core of this dynamic project. Lily B Moonflower & Jake Keegan began weaving their sonic tapestry together under the full Harvest Moon in October 2018. Both drawing from performance experience individually -- the two began playing & recording together in their various projects. Four years later, under the Harvest Moon in California, over looking Mt. Shasta-- Lily and Jake were poised for artistic collaboration. After performing on the festival circuit, touring venues, and experimenting with sound, the two songwriters were graced with the inspiration to create MoonShroom, a band to represent their united artistic expressions. The group performs on stages far & wide, as a duo, as well as a full band. MoonShroom is to release a live video series, and is currently working on a debut album, to be released soon! 'Til then, stay on the look out for performance announcements and new content on MoonShroomBand.com.
80s/90s inspired electronic dance lofi fusion. John Brighton and Leah Osborne. Fewer G runs more 808.
Hailing from St. Louis, Zel is a dynamic and versatile vocalist whose powerful voice can soar over R&B, funk, hip hop, pop, and jazz. Growing up, she honed her skills performing with her church choir, and competing in school choirs. This instilled in her a deep love for music at an early age. Zel's journey took her to the vibrant Chicago music scene from 2012 to 2017, where she performed under the name "Sweet Mary" and captivated audiences with her unique voice and blend of genres. In 2017, seeking new opportunities, she moved to Los Angeles. Throughout this period, she immersed herself in recording studio work, further refining her craft. It was during this transformative period that she wrote and released "Overzealous," a milestone in her career that solidified her present stage name, Zel. After three influential years in LA, Zel returned to her roots in St. Louis in 2020. Since then, she has been making waves as a solo artist and collaborating with renowned local talents like Tef Poe, Monkh, Stringz EMB, and Moon Valley. Her latest single, "NGB" (Never Going Back), showcases her evolving artistry while highlighting her continuous growth and dedication. Available for streaming now, "NGB" is a testament to Zel's unparalleled ability to blend genres and captivate audiences with her powerful and compelling voice. Fans can also look forward to her upcoming full-length album, "RAW," which promises to further showcase her dynamic range and versatility.
Vallie Golde is an indie folk artist with a charmingly warm and powerfully gripping voice. Sweet, delicate melodies & motifs on top of smooth grooves are the foundation of her original music. Golde’s songs are entrancing; threaded with resonant, soul-stirring lyricism. Whether performing for small, intimate rooms or blowing the house down at music festivals and venues, Vallie Golde's raw authenticity breaks the fourth wall, welcoming a genuine, vulnerable atmosphere for listeners. Her unique blend of genres span from rootsy acoustic folk Americana to indie rock, with a natural infusion of Soul throughout.